Guide to the use of copiers, Photostats
Q:Where can I purchase a copy card?

Please purchase photocopying card from the Cashier at the General Affairs Department

Q:How much is a copy card/ what are the terms of payment:
    1. 110NT per card, 100NT face amount
    2. General copiers: Photocopying, 1NT will be deducted per A4, B4 sheet; 2NT will be deducted per A3 sheet
    3. Please place used photocopying cards into the retrieval box in the library.

Q:Method of photocopying/printing:

Photocopying machine: for photocopying purposes only
General Affairs machine: for photocopying and printing

For General Affairs machine:    

  1. For photocopying please press the (Copy) button, insert the copy card, photocopy.
  2. For printing, please press the (Print) key. Click “print” on the computer. Insider the photocopying card. Follow the “Print mailbox code,” select and click the print mailbox on the LCD screen and printout the data.


Q:Can I bring my own personal paper, colorful paper or slide to use at the copy machine.


Q:What happens if the machine is out of paper?
  1. There are different trays for each paper size: A4, B4, A3
  2. Please retrieve paper from the printing paper shelf

Q:What happens if the machine runs out of ink?

Please notify the front desk.