Rules: Use of Library

Q:How to apply for a library card?


A student may borrow books from the Library by providing Christ’s College “Student Identity Card”


A full-time faculty member may borrow books from the Library by providing Christ’s College “Faculty Member Card.”

Part-time Faculty:

A part-time faculty member shall proceed with a “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card” before borrowing a book. A part-time faculty member should fill out the application form for Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card and mail it along with an ID photo to the Library in order to obtain the “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card.” It takes 7 school days to complete the production. The card will be mailed back when completed. Although each part-time faculty member is not required to have this card, it is strongly recommended since it is the only way to check out books from the Library. Please fill out the required information as soon as possible, thank you for your coorperation.。

Logos Evangelical Seminary:

Q:How long can a book be borrowed?

Limitation on “General book items” quantity and duration is as followed:

  1. Full-time faculty may borrow up to 20 books for a month
  2. Part-time faculty may borrow up to 8 books for a month
  3. Students may borrow up to 8 books for two weeks

Q:Rules on Renewals

You can renew your books 7 days prior to the due date by using WebPAC. Please note that renewal will be not be completed under the following conditions: item is overdue, item is on hold, item is to be renewed more than once.

Q:Rules on Reservation
  1. Books that have already been checked out maybe be reserved through the WebPAC system; if the reader has overdue books or unpaid fines, then the reader may not use the system.
  2. If the book is available, the system will send an automated email to notify the reader. If the book is not retrieved within three days after the notification, reservation will be canceled.

Q:Help for book search

In the event that you cannot find the book data at the Library, please first search at the book cart or book basket, or browse the WebPAC to check if the book has been borrowed. If the result indicates that the book cannot be found inside the Library, please fill out “Help for book search” at the front desk. The Librarian will notify you when the book is found.

Q:Can I check out professor reserved books?
  1. “Professor Reserved Books” will be placed in its own section.
  2. “Professor Reserved Books” may only be used inside the Library, not for checking out.
  3. The book list is posted on the WebPAC or on the bulletin.
  4. These books have been organized specifically according to subject and faculty’s names, please return them to its place. Please do not put them back on the book cart.

Q: Can I check out books during Winter/Summer vacations?
  1. Students may check out books during finals week. Please return the books by the second week of school the following semester.
  2. Full-time faculty may check out books over the vacation
  3. Part-time faculty may not check out books over the vacation
  4. Auditors, 5th year, and graduate students may not check out books over the vacation.

Q:What if I forget what the deadline is, how much are the fines?
  1. Three days prior to the deadline, the system will send out automated emails reminding you, if you do not receive these emails, please go to WebPAC under “personal profile” to check if your email address was entered correctly.
  2. You can go to WebPAC and see under personal profile for a list of the books you have checked out and their return dates
  3. The overdue fine is 2NT per book per day (not including closed days)

Q:What happens in the case of a lost book? What are the fines?

Please report to the front desk immediately

If an item is lost or damaged while checked out the borrower must compensate the
library by purchasing a new identical item.

Compensation must be made within a month of the item being reported lost or damaged.

  1. If the item is already overdue, the patron must pay the overdue fine up to the time it was reported lost or damaged. The patron then has one month to compensate the library and no overdue fines will be assessed at this time. However, if compensation has not been made within a month, the overdue fines will start to be calculated (not including weekends and holidays) until compensation has been made.
  2. Patrons who find an item after having reported it lost must pay the overdue fees, including during the original one month grace period. This policy is in place in order to keep patrons from abusing the one month grace period for lost and damaged items.

If the same identical item is not available, then the following procedures should be followed:

    1. With approval, the patron may compensate the library with the newer edition of the book. However, a patron cannot compensate the library by providing a translated copy (ie Chinese version) of an original text from abroad.
    2. If compensating by paying cash, the following regulations apply:
      • If the current price of the item is known, compensation will be twice the price of the item
      • If the current price is unknown, then the compensation will be five times the original retail price of the book
      • If the current price and the original retail price are unknown, then the patron must pay a copying fee. The copy fee will be two times the copy cost (the cost of copying the text from cover to cover using A4 sized paper ) for Chinese texts and four times the copy cost for English or other foreign language texts.
    3. With approval from the library, items that are not copyrighted and no longer being published may be compensated by providing a copy (cover to cover).
    4. If the library still has a copy of the lost or damaged book, the patron may compensate the library with another book similar in theme to the lost or damaged book.


Q:How to recommend book purchase?
Student recommendation

Please use the WebPAC system

Faculty recommendation:

Generally recommendations should be limited to boks suitable for common courses and major courses. The books may be recommended by departments (or units) so that the Library will purchase them in bulk (Please fill out the list of recommended books and have the list affixed seal by the Department Chairman before submitting it to the Library) More details are provided below:

  1. Timetable for the Library for bulk purchases:

    Around four purchases each year, in January, March, May, and October

  2. Rules for Full-Time Professors to purchase books from foreign sources:

For maximum possible efficiency, full-time professors may purchase the needed books for the school when they travel abroad under three principles below:

  • please report to the Department Chairman beforehand the anticipated costs, within the maximum limit set for each professor by the Department Chairman. Please submit the certificate approved by the Department Chairman to the Library and confirm the list of the recommended books.
  • Whenever possible, in order to ensure sound cost control, please inform the Librarian of the titles, authors, publishers, versions, copyrights of library books intended to be purchased during a trip abroad. IF such details are unavailable beforehand, please try to inform the Librarian of such details by email (, or Fax (886-2-28095827) and obtain approval from the Librarian before purchasing the materials.
  • Please be sure to obtain the receipts in order to be reimbursed.

Q:How to check out books listed in storage?

For the books in storage, borrower may fill out a form. The retrieval of books from storage happens once a week, and the library will notify you when the books arrive.

Q:How to borrow books from the TESOL section?
  1. Books from the TESOL area are only for students who are currently taking TESOL classes
  2. The books from TESOL area are organized according to the TESOL class material, which is why students need to exchange their student ID for the key to the TESOL area at the front desk.
  3. After the students retrieve the key, they should go to the TESOL area for the books they need and check them out at the front desk
  4. Upon returning the books, the stduent needs to exchange the key for their student ID, and put the books back where they belong.