Regulations for Borrowing Magazines
Q:What is the limitation on the length of time for magazines borrowed?

During the semester:

  1. Materials: older issues of magazines, periodicals, and newpaper
  2. Number of items: Staff: 12 items, Faculty and students: 6 items
  3. Borrowing hours: an hour before the Library closes, all borrowing welcome; Mondays to Thursdays from 8pm-9pm, and Fridays afternoons from 4pm-5pm
  4. Return time: by the opening hour of the next day (Mon-Fri at 9am)
  5. May not check out books overnight for three days or more, nor for three day weekends.

Q:Are renewals/reserved allowed?


Q:How to borrow CD-included magazines?

    1. Procedure and limitations on the length of time:
      • new issues: items must remain in the Library, persons should use their IDs and the Library will hold their IDs until the item is returned on that same day
      • older issues: Students may only read them within the Library, faculty may borrow them overnight. Please refer to “multimedia information” for borrowing regulations
    2. The CD may be used in the “multimedia area”

    After the borrowing procedure, persons may use the CD player on the multimedia table as provided by the Library