Multimedia Borrowing Terms
Q:What are the limitations on the length of time and number of media materials?

For Audio & Video data please proceed to the desk

Students: Within the Library only:

  1. Number of items : 2
  2. Borrowing duration: before the library closes that day (no renewals)
  3. Use your student IDs, to borrow earphones, the library will hold your ID
  4. No personal audio & video information permitted in the library
  5. Penalties for items not returned on the same day: 500NT for each audio & video item, 300N% for each pair of earphones

Faculty: may borrow items overnight for 1 day

  1. Audio & Video items: 6
  2. Borrowing duration: 1 day, (up to 1 renewal)
  3. Use your Staff ID card or Faculty ID library card
  4. For inside-library purposes, in order to borrow earphones, the Library will need to hold your ID card until you return them

Q:How to renew borrowed items?

How to renew borrowed items?

Faculty and Staff may renew once, but if someone else has already put it on reserve, the item is overdue, or a fine is unpaid, then the renewal will be denied. Renewals maybe requested through the “WebPAC searching system” online.

Q:What happens if the items are lost? How much is the fine?

Please report each loss to the library immediately

If the items are damaged or lost, please go through these procedures within 45 days in the following order:

  1. Purchase a copy of the item lost or
  2. If the original material is no longer available, each person can, under the librarian’s approval, pay a fee that is triple the price of the original item.