Reader Services

Application for Library Cards

In case of a student:

A student may borrow any books from the Library by providing Christ’s College “Student Identity Card”.

In case of a full-time faculty member:

A full-time faculty member may borrow any books from the Library by providing Christ’s College “Faculty Member Card”.

In case of a part-time faculty member:

A part-time faculty member shall proceed with a “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card” before borrowing a book.  A part-time faculty member who holds no “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card” is required to fill out the application form for Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card and mail it along with an I.D. photo to the Library for issuance of the “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card”.  It takes 7 school days to complete production.  The “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card” will be served by mail upon completion of production and shall be provided whenever a part-time faculty member intends to borrow books.  The Library sets no deadline for the part-time faculty members to apply for the “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card”.  All part-time faculty members are, nevertheless, advised of the terms that no book can be lent without a “Part-time Faculty Member’s Library Card”.  The part-time faculty members who intend to have access to the Library books are advised to mail the application form in good time.  This will well safeguard your interests.  Thanks for your cooperation

Professors Reserved Books
  1. The “Reserved Books” will be placed in the specific zones based on varied curricula of the professors.
  2. “Reserved Books” can only be read inside the Library and cannot be carried out.
  3. For details of the Reserved Books, please browse the Library WebPac System.  The documented list will be posted in the Special Zones.
  4. “Reserved Books” are shelved based on the curricular names/names of the prescribing professors.  Please return them to the specified positions after completion of use.  Under no circumstances shall “Reserved Books” be placed inside the book cart or book storage to inconvenience the use.

Help for book search

In the event that you cannot find the book data at the Library, please first search at the book cart or book basket or browse the WebPAC to check if the book has been borrowed.  If the result indicates that the book cannot be found inside the Library, please fill out “Help for book search” at the counter.  The Librarian will approach you to pick up the book when it is found.

Service through Email notice

The Librarian will inform you through email of the books in your hands which are about due, overdue, or of the availability of your required books.  The Librarian will email you on a non-periodic basis as well about the Library updates and major activities and programs.