Page 4 - 創校十六週年感言 The sixteenth anniversary and college day
P. 4


                   As we look forward to our sixteenth College Day , my heart is thankful to our God.

                   The starting of Christ’s College was an experiment in faith. I had been sternly warned

                   that the course I was planning to pursue world end in defeat. In the first place it was
                   insisted that unless the college was placed under the ministry of Education it could not
                   continue and would be closed up promptly , Or if , perchance , I might be allowed to
                   struggle  along  with  it  for  a  while  without  government  recognition  nobody  would

                   come to attend it.

                   To  these  friendly  prophets  of  doom  I  only  had  commissioned  me  to  establish  a
                   Christian liberal arts college in this beautiful island of Taiwan. That being the case , I

                   felt the Lord had an obligation to help me and keep me from failure.

                   Since I had already established the College of Science and Engineering which was
                   now under the full control of the Ministry of Education. I had hopes that they might

                   treat  me  with  come  consideration  when  I  undertook  to  establish  an  independent
                   Christian liberal arts college and prayed to that end. That in the sixteen years we have
                   carried on the government has not interfered with our program in Christ’s College in
                   the slightest degree  can  only be assigned to  a  gracious  Divine  providence  that has

                   been exercised in our behalf , and whatever of virtue or wisdom may be imagined of
                   any human equation in the emergence of this beloved institution, must still be fully
                   accredited to the same benign Power and Person referred to above.

                   In  three  year  the  Science  and  Engineering  College  already  had  enough  to  support
                   itself, so since I would not be leaving a baby I had produced, destitute, I decided to
                   make the break ,and called on my great helper, Herbert Chang (who did come than
                   anybody  to  help  me  with  the  Science  and  Engineering  college)  to  go  out  all  over

                   North  Taiwan  and  find  another  campus.  With  great  surprise  he  said  “Another
                   campus”!!!??? “Yes,” I replied “and don’t come back home until you have found it”

                   He came back in about ten year and said “I have found it!” So we got in my car and

                   he lad me over a very muddy road to the present site of Christ’s College with nothing
                   on it except high grass and small trees, but with a beautiful view. I walked all over it
                   and become convinced that this was God’s Place for us. But how will I get it? I saw a
                   stone marker with the Chinese characters on it “
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