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Annual Library Assessment Report  2022

               The Christ’s College Taipei Library Participated in the Following Alliances:

               1. Interlibrary Cooperation Association (ILCA): Members of this association are entitled to the
                  rights and obligations of copying, borrowing, and checking out from libraries nationwide. The

                  Association  is  also  obliged  to  update  the  collections  of  this  library  from  the  national
                  periodicals catalog.
               2. Library Association of the Republic of China (LAROC): Provides national library conferences

                  and seminars, studies the laws and standards of the related books and information, manages
                  the librarians and develops the library.
               3.  Taiwan  Theological  Library  Association  (TTLA):To  improve  the  communication  and  the
                  relationships with Taiwan and foreign theological seminaries.
               4. Book Loan Service for Colleges and Universities in Tamsui

               5. Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan (CONCERT): The Information Center of
                  National  Science  Council  has  CONCERT  organized  to  help  domestic  academic  research
                  institutes acquire modern databases from overseas, share digital library resources, and acquire

                  better products, resources, and prices.
               6.  Taiwan  OCLC  Governing  Members  Consortium:  Uploading  the  bibliography  of  English
                  books to OCLC database; therefore, Christ’s College Taipei has increased visibility in other
                  academic institutions.
               7. Taiwan Academic E-Books & Database Consortium. (TAEBDC): The joint procurement of

                  the Chinese and English academic e-books has rapidly increased the quality and amount of
                  resources in the library.

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