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Annual Library Assessment Report  2022

               壹、 圖書館概述  The Library General Description

               圖書館概述 The Library General Description

               設立於民國 54 年,原址為行政大樓三樓,於民國 76 年遷入賈嘉美紀念館地下一樓,多年


               Christ’s College Taipei is a Christian Liberal Arts College. The library was established in 1965,

               originally located on the third floor of the Administration Building. In 1987, the library moved to
               the ground floor of the James R. Graham Building. Throughout the years, the library has become
               an important resource and service center for the students and teachers on campus. The purpose of
               the library is to provide books and information needed for teaching and research. Therefore, the
               library takes care of readers’ needs, provides high-quality collections of books and information,

               and cooperates with the school to supply suitable resources to match the curriculum.

               館藏介紹 Introduction to the Library Collections

               英語文學、基督教、社會科學及各主修  (英語與文學、傳播、音樂等)相關之中英文專業書


               The collection of books and information in the library supports the development of the school
               and curriculum, various teaching units, and research. Therefore, any English or Chinese books
               that are related to English  Literature, Christianity, Social Sciences and other majors (English,
               Mass Communication, Music) are the main collection scope. Other books that belong to relevant
               subject  areas  are  the  secondary  collection  scope.  Since  the  school  is  a Christian  Liberal  Arts

               College that emphasizes Holistic Education and Christianity, related books and materials are the
               main  collection  scope  of  the  library.  The  data  collected  is  divided  into  books,  periodicals,
               audiovisual materials, e-books, electronic periodicals, and electronic resources, and various types

               of data that are systematically organized by the US Congress Classification.

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