Library Holdings

Library Collections

To meet the needs of students and professors at the college, the scope of collections in this library includes the subjects of philosophy, psychology, sociology, Christianity, English, mass communications, business management, information technology management, and music . The library collection includes books, periodicals, pamphlets and audiovisual materials. The library collection presently includes more than 89,789 items; 253 periodicals; 11 newspapers and 16 online databases. The holdings of the library are systematically organized according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

A Unique Library

 Christ's College is built on the basis of Christianity. Therefore, the school library is known for its rich collection of Christianity resources.

 The establishment of Christ's College was first centered on the Department of English Literature; therefore, the significant volume of English resources is impressive.

Since the course of children literature was introduced in 1997, 3170 volumes of English children books have been added to this specially designated area of the library.